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What is Homeshare?

Clarion Housing Group has partnered with Homeshare and The Fusion21 Foundation, to become the first housing association to offer you the chance to take part in a unique intergenerational living programme.

Homeshare is an exciting new initiative that sees a young person who is looking to live independently, paired with an older person who has a spare room available, for a period of 12 months.

The ‘Householders’ are usually older people who may have developed support needs or have become isolated through living alone, while the ‘Homesharers’ are normally younger people such as students or key workers who don’t have access to affordable housing where they work.

This means the ‘Householder’ will have a companion to help with any potential loneliness, while the ‘Homesharer’ will be able to live semi independently in affordable housing. This enables the two to support each other, proving that the Homeshare Scheme really does benefit everyone involved!

We need you!

As this is in the early stages, we are seeking eight pairs of Clarion residents (one older and one younger) to live together and share their experiences. We will ensure you are paired with the right person and given homesharing support throughout the year, while your feedback will be crucial in shaping the future implementation of Homeshare.

In a report by Homeshare UK from 20 Homeshare services, they found that 96% of older people involved in the programme enjoyed the company of sharing their home with a younger person, and it provides a great opportunity for young people to live independently whilst saving money through paying less on rent.

So whether you are an older resident with a spare bedroom available, or a younger resident looking to move into affordable housing, we want to hear from you!

How can I sign up?

If you would like to be involved in this can’t miss opportunity or simply want to find out more information, please email Sarah Mitton at:


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